About us



Orsan has been founded by the late Abdülkadir Orman in early 1970’s in order to manufacture machine parts within Turkish industry.

In a short period following its foundation, the company has taken its place immediately within the developing Turkish automotive industry with the quality and business capabilities. The company has also increased its activities by specializing particularly in manufacturing of brake equipment.

Partnered with significant manufacturers of brake equipment in world markets during 90’s, Orsan has laid the foundation of Corlu plant and moved its manufacturing operations from Istanbul to this new plant in Corlu.

In Corlu plant, the company has improved the product range by adding the brake air tanks in the major area of activity in addition to the manufacturing of brake chambers.

Completed the investments for the plant recently, Orsan is a significant facility within the Turkish industry due to exporting 50% of brake chambers and brake air tanks manufactured in Corlu plant with the total area of 22.000 m² including the closed production area of 12.000 m².

The company is able to conduct all product tests and designs by means of improving its production in the course of time with quality standards and quality management systems as well as implementing modern production methods and completing the R&D investments.

Today, with regard to the right proud in customer satisfaction for over 40 years, Orsan is confident about the forthcoming years with Chairman Fikret Orman and the Board Members Ümit Orman and Kısmet Orman.